BORGER Edmonton construction jobs

March 13, 2015 Borger is Hiring. Over 20 Jobs Available in Underground Construction in Edmonton.

With over 95 years of experience in the underground construction industry behind us Borger has a proven track record. For two years in a row industry has awarded us back to back Canada’s Safest Employers awards and Best Managed Companies awards. Join our team today.

Borger is hiring for

  • Superintendent
  • Safety Superintendent
  • Foreman
  • Operators
  • Pipelayers
  • Labourers
  • Contract Heavy Duty Mechanics



Job Seekers: How to Succeed?

job seekers

Basically, what is meant by job hunting? According to the famous online dictionary, job hunting, job seeking, or job searching is the act of looking for employment with the main goal of obtaining a job interview with a potential employer that leads to getting hired.

Finding a job in today’s economy is difficult for anyone. Whether you are new to finding a job, or a seasoned career professional, you will be up against some tough competition. How you present yourself makes all the difference on whether you are invited to interview for a position or whether your resume goes into a pile on the hiring manager’s desk.

Having a comprehensive resume highlighting your skills and abilities is essential to presenting yourself as a qualified candidate. Even if you lack work experience and education, you still may have a chance at that interview if your abilities are presented in a professional and detailed manner. If you are struggling with your resume, hiring a professional resume writer may be worthwhile. Especially if it lands you a dream job!

A good resume stands alone without a great cover letter to compliment it. When applying for a job, create a cover letter that is detailed, but concise. Highlight your passions and career goals. Discuss why you are the best candidate for the position. Tailor your cover letter to the company you are applying for. If you submit a great resume and a personalized cover letter, chances are that you will land the interview.

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Bill Borger
There are all sorts of jobs out there. A few people are fortunate enough to get some perks with their job. Above Bill Borger receives a jersey from Oilers captain Andrew Ference.

Alternatively, here is your partner in advertisements – Vancouver Public Relations Company that links to Matterhorn Public Relations, a Calgary-based PR firm with a global reach. Are you a full-time job seeker? Do you think you have competitive skills? Yes, many today are having a hard time getting jobs since there have been lesser vacancies and most applicants do not qualify for a specific position.

Considering today’s economic turmoil, companies are forced to lay off manpower which contributes to an elevating unemployment rate. For sure you do not want to be among those millions that spend almost the rest of their lives hunting for jobs and yet are not fortunate enough to have one. To solve this deteriorating condition, many institutions offer help in order for a job seeker to stand out despite the very tight competition. For example, offers assistance to those who are seriously looking for jobs but are not competent, and need some help on paper works as well as interviews.

JobSeekers have professionals who can advise applicants on everything, from resume writing to effective interview techniques. In a way different sense, if you have a high level of self-confidence, you can launch a job easily. One thing that helps is having excellent credentials, which means you can show certificates of previous employment, college degree diploma, training and seminar certificates, and more. These will guarantee the prospective employer that you are a skilled and talented worker.

Being at your best during the interview also gains big points – dressing up in a corporate attire and looking good will give a hint to the interviewer that you really are a serious applicant who wants a job and will put heart into it. The way you answer questions will matter when it comes to testing your intelligence, although some jobs do not require high level of thinking at least you are rational and not a dummy.

When you see or hear job posts today, you will see a huge crowd of applicants responding and patiently waiting for their turn to get interviewed, but are they really possessing the best assets that will qualify them to get hired? If you are among them, do not waste your time, have a self-check on your own abilities and skills, rate your strength and identify your weaknesses for improvement. There is no other entity that can help you get the job that you wanted but yourself alone. Have positive views and boost your self-confidence.


In order to perform your construction tasks, a leading company called Borger Group of Companies extends a wide array of services. Find out which service you need on, a general page for Borger’s projects such as earthworks and underground.

For any roofing concerns or questions, check out the following video for PDQ Roofing services.


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